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From: Doug Reilly <>
Date: 2000/04/13
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Create another table called ShirtSizes

Table Shirt

    ... and so on...

Table ShirtSizes


You could even go further and have a table for sizes and then ShirtSizes just has a ShirtID and a SizesID. This is commonly how folks map many to many relationships.

David <david_at_ _%%NOSPAM_> wrote in message news:8d49u9$osu$
> Hello, I have a simple question:
> How would you do the following:
> I have a database of shirts, and want to store the sizes of each of them
> which they are available. So at first I created a field 'sizesfrom' and
> field 'sizestill'. And when I needed the sizes in which a shirt was
> available I simply let a counter run form 'sizesfrom' to 'sizestill' and
> present that (in ASP). But now, we have to be able to manipulate the
> available sizes. So, I really would like to explicitly store the available
> sizes. But should I do this in a field like 'availablesizes' with a value
> like '24,25,26,27' and then use some stringparsing function to retrieve
> sizes? Or should I create a another table for the shirts and for each
> available size create a record?
> Thanks a lot.
> David
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