Re: Is a Query langauge really necessary in an OODB?

From: Brian Price <>
Date: 2000/03/23
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In article <>, topmind <> wrote:
> In article <8b8016$9d7$>, Brian Price
> <> wrote:
> >an overriding principle of good OO design is: Object shall
> >their own behavior. The current crop of tools have it
> backwards.
 <snip - oops too much - query language violates encapsulation comment>
> Well the OO approach violates *sharability* of data across
> multiple paragigms and languages. ("My method or no method")
> Thus, we trade one evil for another. Joyous.

LOL, you've hit the nail on the head there. I think in any discussion along these lines that the scale of the solution environment has an impact. The larger the environment, the more likely that data needs to be shared across paradigms and languages. Vice-versa, smaller environments would seem to benefit (dev, mod, & maintenance time) from the single data model OO would ideally offer (one model from front to back: GUI, business logic, datastore). Any comments?

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