Re: Is a Query langauge really necessary in an OODB?

From: topmind <>
Date: 2000/03/23
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In article <>, Kyle Lahnakoski <> wrote:
>topmind wrote:
>> Well the OO approach violates *sharability* of data across
>> multiple paragigms and languages. ("My method or no method")
>> Thus, we trade one evil for another. Joyous.
>The class of an object could be available to all users on the
>It is the class that holds the definition of the method. Any
 user can
>run that method on any object in that class, once the server
>the lock for it. Since objects are small items in a DB, I can
 see a
>large amount of concurrency.
>May you elaborate on what you wrote? You may have an example I
 am not

>Kyle Lahnakoski [snip]

I am not arguing that OO data cannot be shared. I am arguing that it is tougher because:

  1. Every class author creates different interfaces. Thus, the access approaches to the data are not as consistant. More effort to learn custom interfaces. (The same for report writers and off- -shelf query tools.)
  2. The class author may not have made very convient access methods and/or documentation. This may create query backlogs until better access methods are written.


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