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From: jiri <>
Date: 25 Apr 2004 22:27:41 -0700
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"Rachel Pevtzow" <> wrote in message news:<c6b3nd$5pf$>...
> i currently have a few (non-oracle) databases containing personal papers of
> wellington, mountbatten, etc. i'm thinking about moving it into oracle, but
> i'm worried about how to get the data in. the limit on character fields in
> the current database system is 65000 characters, and we've run into that a
> number of times. i've used sqloader to get data into oracle databases in
> the past, but i've never worked with clobs before.
> i can output the data into csv (one/database), but is there any way to batch
> load them into oracle? as far as i can make out, it doesn't sound possible
> using sqldr. or am i mistaken?
> any advice would be appreciated!

You can create stored procedure and kick in from SQLPlus.

check this sample

or you can use sql*loader....

i like first method, because it's pure plsql and you don't need control files...

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