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Oracle Apache Session

From: Wilson <>
Date: 9 Feb 2004 12:40:41 -0800
Message-ID: <>

I am currently running Oracle 8i with Apache setup in a 4-CPUs Windows 2000 Server. Users on their workstations connect to Oracle through Internet Explorer which accesses Apache's DAD object and eventually the PL/SQL packages in Oracle.

My application is mainly built by differenct PL/SQL packages in Oracle. The packages build the html page based on the contents in the database. In one part of my application, the users simply click a search button and the application will return a list of records and displays through Internet Explorer. The results are displayed in a new Popup windows using basic html and jsp scripts.

The problem is that for each login through Apache to Oracle in Internet Explorer, I can only trigger two of the four CPUs to work when I click on the serach button. When I click the button for third time, the new popup window is displayed but it waits until one of the two previous windows finishes the SQL. Thus, I always cannot get all CPUs to utilize at the same time.

I already checked CPU_COUNT in V$PARAMETER table, and the value is four. If I run the query (the SQL statement behind the search button) in sqlplus using four sessions at the same time, all four CPUs are utilized.

Also, I checked the profiles of my user accounts and there is no limit on CPU_PER_SESSION...etc.

If I open two Internet Explorers and login for two sessions, I can open up to four windows to process the Search SQL at the same time (4 CPUs working at the same time).

Based on my find, Oracle is actually able to utilize all CPUs in the system. However, when I work from the Internet Explorer and Apache, I will get the utilizatoin limit problem. I wonder if there are any parameters that limit my Oracle Apache session. Received on Mon Feb 09 2004 - 14:40:41 CST

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