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Re: Any progammers looking for a killer app to develop? How about a voice enabled forum?

From: Bob Badour <>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 17:36:14 -0500
Message-ID: <>

"Bret Pehrson" <> wrote in message
> How about a forum where the initial author of a thread is the moderator
> that thread?

That would only result in a million threads all flaming each other, and no way to filter the whole mess.

> Seems to me that would be the single-most useful way to control
> flame wars, and massive divergance from the original topic and other (very
> common) nonsense.
> Matt wrote:
> >
> > Any progammers looking for a killer app to develop? How about a voice
> > enabled forum?
> >
> > One of the most powerful, exciting, and engrossing experiences on the
> > Internet is the Forum. The first great Internet forums were the
> > Usenet newsgroups. Usenet is still a powerful force, but many
> > different types of forums are also very popular (such as message
> > boards like Vbulliten and XMBforum).
> >
> > I love forums. Love em love em love em. My web site has a great one.
> > But I think the time has come for an important and breakthrough
> > evolutionary advance in Internet Forums. I will describe the idea to
> > you, and I hope you will take the idea and run with it. Create this
> > product. Develop it. Make millions of dollars. I offer this idea to
> > you-because I am not a programmer-and I want this to be made.
> >
> > The idea is pretty simple. Any fairly savvy application developer
> > with some skills in MySQL should be able to do this. Whoever does it
> > right will make a lot of money.
> >
> > I want someone to simply improve upon the Internet forum technology.
> >
> > The amazing power of a forum is that you can walk into a forum and
> > have a conversation. You can ask a question and get insightful,
> > funny, and interesting answers. You can then reply and have a
> > dialogue. You can do all this at your own pace, your own convenience.
> > You can ignore people who don't interest you and you can be as patient
> > as you want in replying. It is a wonderful thing. And the time has
> > come to liberate this experience from the necessity of a keyboard and
> > full powered computer. The technology is here, we just need to take
> > advantage of it.
> >
> > This is what I want.
> >
> > I want to be able at any time of day, whether driving my car, or doing
> > dishes, or hiking through the woods -to ask a question of the world.
> > I don't want to have to find a computer, go to the website or
> > newsreader, and type up my question. I want to just be able to say
> > outloud, "What is the fastest any human has ever travelled?" or "What
> > the heck does a county commisioner do?"...and I want my question, an
> > mp3 recording of my actual voice, immediately posted in a forum. And
> > then I want to receive responses-but not responses i have to go sit
> > down and read. I want to hear the responses, in the voices of those
> > listening to my question.
> >
> > Imagine, you could be driving in your car...and you have a question.
> > You simply say out loud, "Post this question: Can anyone give me more
> > details about the Xbox2? Or "Can anyone tell me real quick how to
> > make tomatoe soup?" Or while reading a history could say
> > outloud, "Post this question: "Was Wyatt Earp a real person?"
> > Whatever you are interested in. For whatever reason you communicate
> > with people in Forums, you could do it-but simply with your voice-at
> > any time anywhere.
> >
> > After you post a question, you might hear a little beep in a few
> > minutes letting you know you have responses. Then you could just say
> > out loud "Play replies" and the replies would start to play-not in a
> > computer voice but in the actual voice of the people answering
> > you-because they would be using the same technology.
> >
> > With this type of voice message board-you could have engaging,
> > interesting, convenient, and fairly natural conversations over the
> > Internet. The experience could be liberated from sitting at a
> > computer-and it would be enhanced by being able to hear human
> > voices-rather than reading text. You could have all the fun and
> > convenience of natural conversation-but enhanced through the reach and
> > expertise and convenience available over the Internet.
> >
> > That is the concept. It may seem daunting, but the technology already
> > exists and is available. All this idea requires is a MySQL based
> > message board (such as the XMB Forum) and a pretty basic client side
> > application. The SQL database could store all the voice messages in
> > mp3 format. The client side application would run on a pocketpc phone
> > or palm phone.All this application would need to do is
> >
> > 1) interface with the MySQL database (the message board). Be able to
> > upload and download the mp3 files in the appropriate thread-and play
> > them on demand.
> >
> > 2) encode into mp3 format as people recorded their posts.
> >
> > 3) This part is optional, but would be the ultimate addition: be able
> > to recognize some simple voice commands such as "Record" "Post"
> > "Replay" "Skip" "Next" "Back".
> >
> > Thats it. If you can program or hack MySQL and make pocketpc Apps,
> > then you can make this amazing voice enabled internet forum.
> >
> > Limitations:
> > Bandwidth for moble internet access is an obvious limitation. But
> > remember, voice forums will be just as fun and convenient on desktop
> > computers and where high bandwidth is available.
> >
> > Webstorage. Voice messages will be much bigger. The MySQL database
> > will grow fast. But hey, it will be so fun, I think users will be
> > willing to pay the message board host a little to help cover storage
> > costs. Another alternative is to delete or archive all messages after
> > 3 days-limiting discussions to fairly current threads.
> >
> > Ok thats it. I know this will arrive someday. But why not sooner
> > rather than later? Any programmers out there interested in a little
> > project like this? If so, go for it. Make millions. I maintain no
> > copywrites on this idea. But if you are going to run with this idea,
> > please just let me know so I can use the forum on my website.
> >
> > The best way for this to be developed is through an open source
> > project. Anyone who wants to collaborate on this project with other
> > programmers feel free to post on my website to make contacts. Or just
> > go for it if you already know how to do something like this. Good
> > luck. I look forward to hearing all about it!
> >
> > Go here to find other people to help collaborate on this project:
> >
> >
> > Submitted by Matt Ready
> >
> --
> Bret Pehrson
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