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From: Ger <>
Date: 4 Feb 2004 23:43:45 -0800
Message-ID: <>

> Hi all. Atm i am writing special system to store and restore
> information. There were diffirent ideas how to do this, all have
> pluses and minuses. Finally we desided to write system, what is
> creating stored procedures and function by inputed architecture. Now i
> have dilemma.
> I need to store code on oracle from inside oracle package. Any ideas
> how can i do this, exect using EXECUTE IMMEDIATE with whole
> procedure-function-package? Any offers? Awating for them. Thanking
> everyone.
> Answer here, or send mail to me (sorry for my
> univercity mail)...

This is not univercity task, i just use my e-mail from there. :) Task is not placed by university, but is just for my job. Atm i am doing copy-paste system at application working with Oracle8i and Oracle 9i database. I need to store lot data(10-200 record) from different tables, with sertain heirarhy. Tehre are different ways to do this. In case of stable table system, i can write usual package. But current system can be extended and changed(client is goind to change it by own will), so copy-paste system must be easily. Usally we were using system, where table hierarhi and refereces are stoted in tables, and some "engine" is using it, to store data, and later restore it in needed form, with key generation. But this system is slow, because it is vase on dynamically called commands. Solid package is much faster. Current idea is to write system what is writing own copy-paste package by rules, so if smth changing, system can re-generate packages under new architecture. To do this i can create code and run it with EXECUTE IMMEDIATE command in oracle, but i dont linke this. Is there any system in Oracle, i can store commands and execute when they are finished, like dbms_output? Received on Thu Feb 05 2004 - 01:43:45 CST

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