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[OT] Re: Any progammers looking for a killer app to develop? How about a voice enabled forum?

From: Nils Petter Vaskinn <>
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2004 15:12:44 GMT
Message-ID: <>

On Mon, 02 Feb 2004 06:39:39 -0800, Charlie-Boo wrote:

> "Haximus" <> wrote

>> Hate to burst your bubble but the system already exists, it's called Usenet
>> and one can attach files to posts (say, sound files containing verbal
>> queries).  Also, the idea that you can simply make a verbal query and expect
>> a credible response in a timely fashion is ludicrous.  Whan was the last
>> time a search engine gave you exactly the answer you wanted on the first
>> try?  Human response is no more accurate, not unless your forums are
>> populated *only* with certified authorities on the subject matter at hand.

> I was just passing through and this caught my eye. I couldn't resist
> responding. "Hate to burst your bubble" - "already exists" -
> "ludicruos".

> Man, you are totally out of it. Do you know what people
> said to Dave whats-his-face, the founder of Wendy's, when he said that
> he's going to open a hamburger chain (named after his daughter)?
> "Stupid idea. There's already McDonald's"

People called X a bad idea.
X turned out to be a good idea.
People called Y a bad idea.
Y is a good idea.

Do you see the flawed logic?

And your comparison doesn't hold either. Your story is talking about someone that was going sell a product that's basically the same as the existing one. (I don't know Wendys but fast food hamburgers are all the same IMHO). What we're dealing with here is someone that wants to push different product, and then gets told that his product doesn't do some of the things that makes the competition popular.

> Albert Einstein summed it up well: "Great spirits have always
> encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."

And people with bad ideas have always encountered violent opposition from those that know better (especially on usenet). He asked for an opinion in a public forum so he got it.

> I know. I don't
> like to brag,

Good for you.

[snip bragging]

You don't like to brag but you included that when it's in no way relevant to the discussion. (If you think it is, then tell me how you thinking you're a genius makes the OP's idea any better)

But with qualifications like that you can probably do the OP's project for him, and prove us all wrong when you make those millions.

> People will always be resistant to those who "think outside
> of the box" or try to get ahead or to make things better.

Yes we will. Which is why most of us didn't dwell too long on analyzing why we thought the idea was bad. The OP got feedback on technical obstacles to his idea. And he got feedback on what todays existing solutions has that his solution (as described) lacks.

Now if he was to take that feedback and perhaps use it to improve on his original idea he might be on the right track. But people like you telling him to stick to his original idea and not take any feedback isn't going to lead hin to success.

> To whoever posted the original idea: DON'T LET THE IDIOTS GET IN YOUR
No he won't. He didn't believe enough in the idea himself to make an effort to realize it.

Now if he does try to make something out of his idea I wish him luck. I think the idea would fail, but instead of trying to "get the last laugh" people told him why they thought that, in an effort to stop him from what we would consider a waste of effort..

Followup set to comp.databases where this was the least off topic.


"the large print giveth, and the small print taketh away"
                                Tom Waits - Step right up
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