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Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 18:35:12 +1400
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Cherrish Vaidiyan wrote:
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>>>hello googles,
>>>I have a small sqlplus problem. i have created a table with date field
>>>along with other varchar2,number etc. But unfortunately i made a
>>>mistake in entering the date. for some date records i made an error in
>>>month... say for 20 record.Now i need to correct the month.HOW????
>>>i have tried with 'update' statement using like,=,... etc.All resulted
>>>in failure.i thought of converting date datatype to character and then
>>>use the 'update'.But its not working.What shall i do now ? should i
>>>correct each and every record . Is this a drawback of Oracle????
>>>Cherrish Vaidiyan
>>Keep it a date.  use an update statement
>>update myTable set myfield=to_date('12/25/2003','mm/dd/yyyy') where
>>for 20 yrows
>>This is assuming that you don't want the time componet of a date.  Have you
>>looked in the manual?  There are other ways of doing it, but you have not
>>given enough information to suggest them.  That is there an easy way to
>>distinguish these rtecords from other records and thus write  1 update
>>statment instead of 20.  You have another pst asking what Crystal Reports is
>>(it is a report writer), but the question is so basic that I shudder to
>>think what you could be doing connecting to a database.

> Hello Jim,
> Thanx for ur suggestion. I couldnt understand wat extra details u need
> to suggest a single step to update the month. i tell u the full
> details now.
> I have a table with empno,ename,sal,hire_date etc.In the hire_date
> column i made mistake in month ie..instead of giving as 12-Nov-03, I
> have given as 12-Sep-03. I have 20 rows with the same type of
> mistake.I want to have a single or a couple of SQL statement which
> could solve this error rather than updating each 20 rows.
> Hope u have got my problem. Can u help me???
> In my question of crystal report. I want to know What is it? Wats its
> use? Wats its advantages? where it can be applied (i mean what type of
> objects and situations) ??
> regards,
> Cherrish Vaidiyan

Hi Cherrish!

The statement you are looking for is:
SET hiredate = hiredate + (to_date('1-SEP-03')-to_date('1-NOV-03'));

I didnt see your previous post about Crystal Report so here's my reply from what I could pick up:
Crystal Reports is used to display data from the database. You do not have to know anything about SQL in order to use it - you just drag, click and do stuff with your mouse. When you open the file, you can either export it or print it. It is commonly used in conjunction with Visual Basic or other programming languages used to develop front-ends for database applications.

Best Regards,

PS: Where are you from? Received on Fri Dec 19 2003 - 05:35:12 CET

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