Re: 9i client installation help needed

From: Ethel Aardvark <>
Date: 21 May 2003 10:27:25 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Well the 9i client installs the Enterprise Manager Console by default which is definitely not needed in most cases, that's a start...

ETA "Frank Mikkelsen" <> wrote in message news:<bafjo1$1i65$>...
> I don't believe a 425 Mb install of the 9i client is needed for getting
> access to my Oracle 9i Enterprice database.
> My problem is I don't know which components is needed as minimum.
> The database is used for normal use with IFS as add on.
> On the old 8i client cd there was an option just to install Basic Client
> software, but this option is not on the 9i client cd.
> Can anyone help?
> Sincerely
> Frank L. Mikkelsen
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