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From: Joel Garry <>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 19:18:56 GMT
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> I am very new to oracle so please forgive me if I'm horribly wrong
> here. I noticed in our database that a tablespace has 3 datafiles
> inside of it. The problem is that all 3 files are located in the same
> directory on the same drive. We have 3 different drives that we can
> place files on so my intent is to move 2 of the files to the 2 other
> drives. Now, my plan is to bring the database down, copy the files to
> the other drives at the unix level, then restart the database, take
> datafiles offline and rename them to their new locations, then bring
> them back online. My questions is, is this the correct procedure?
> Thanks for any advice.

Sybrands' procedure is correct, however I wonder why you would want to split a tablespace across devices. Normally, one would want to establish different tablespaces (such as one for a major table, one for that tables' indices, one for other tables, one for those tables indices) and spread those across devices.

A single tablespace would be on one device so your hardware can stream full table scans most efficiently.

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