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From: Michael Peppler <>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 07:37:51 +0800
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> Folks,
> I read what you've posted and I think the question remains unanswered I
> really wonder why ? I've got some knowledge of Oracle8i and I have just
> installed the version 8.1.7. To be honest I was really impressed by all
> you could do with oracle ie stored procedure development (OO like), OCI,
> JDBC, XML etc.. in no time. The preformance are not the best but I guess
> if you pay an oracle consultant high enough he should be able to fix it.
> Although I don't know much about Sybase from what I read it seems like
> Oracle is a much more open DB whereas Sybase has a lot of "preparatory"
> (excuse my french) functionality difficult to integrate.
> I'm sick of hearing ppl say Sybase for financial institution, Oracle for
> others like Telco. They must be somewhre a real reason why ppl made
> these choices in the first place. Any comments JC

Most people don't post to these threads because they are essentially meaningless. Sybase and Oracle have essentially the same features, but differ somewhat in the details. Oracle has a much larger installed base mainly because of a much better marketing engine.


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