Re: Client unable to connect to instance

From: j_beverly <>
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 03:37:47 GMT
Message-ID: <>

I have a similar problem. I have an Oracle database and WebDB installed on one computer (running Windows 2000 Professional) and I'm trying to accesss it from a client machine running Window 98. I can acess files via the LAN, but can't get to the WebDB. I've checked and rechecked the TC/ICPsettings. I have another Webserver (Apache) on the Windows 2000 workstation that works fine (I can see it on the client machine). The WebDB listener folder is even visible from the client workstation, but I can't connect to it using the (IE) web browser. I think this is more of a networking than a Oracle problem, but it is driving me nuts.

On Thu, 14 Dec 2000 12:14:51 -0500, "stefan" <> wrote:

>The oracle server is on a linux box behind a linksys router and using my
>isp's DNS and domain name in the resolv.conf file. These machines have
>internal IP's ( i.e.. )I believe this is where the problem
>maybe. I am able to connect to the data base instance through a telnet
>session although when trying from work or even another computer in the house
>on the same subnet I get tns name failure .If I watch the listener logs in
>either case,on the LAN or at work it shows the connection with the host name
>,ip and then establish to the instance but I get the names lookup failure at
>the client computer.The first line of the tnsnames.ora file must start
>(instance + IP of the oracle server) or complains unable to resolve name
>cannot just be the instance.
>It sounds like a mess any help would be great.
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