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From: Roderick Manalac <>
Date: 21 Oct 1994 23:08:53 GMT
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mbrouwer_at_Simplex.NL (Marc de Brouwer) writes:
|> : Allan Dombrowski <> writes:

|> : >How do you know what the current value of maxdatafiles is set to?

|> : >Thanks in Advance!
|> Start SQL*DBA. Connect internal. Show parameters. That's all.

Show parameters will give you the value of DB_FILES. That number controls the maximum number of files can be kept open simultaneously for an instance. It is slightly different than the MAXDATAFILES parameter which was specified at CREATE [DATABASE|CONTROLFILE] time. MAXDATAFILES is the limits the number of files that can comprise a database (and then there is a port specific absolute limit to how large MAXDATAFILES can be set to).

There is no direct means of seeing this value. However, in Oracle7, one can issue the command:

ALTER DATABASE BACKUP CONTROLFILE TO TRACE This will generate a trace file that contains a SQL script to recreate a controlfile. I believe the script will show what MAXDATAFILES is set to within the current controlfile.

Hope this helps.

Roderick Manalac
Oracle Corporation Received on Sat Oct 22 1994 - 00:08:53 CET

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