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From: Lawrence James <>
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 1994 17:48:17 GMT
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>> Will an Oracle employee comment?

>Sure, I'd be happy to comment since this thread is beginning to annoy me

>Sun and Oracle have indeed exchanged source code for joint engineering
>purposes, not marketing hype. I should know since I've had the
>opportunity to examine a fair amount of Solaris source and SunSoft
>product source.

>There's a ton of reasons why this is mutually beneficial to both
>companies. Performance tuning. Bug finding and fixing. Testing.
>Faster product cycles. Future hardware and software development.

>Performance tuning in particular is a very complicated process which
>takes into account much more than just POSIX calls or reading/writing
>bytes to the OS. Any vendor that restricts its tuning efforts to only
>these areas will be out of business pretty quickly.

>I don't know whether HP or Sequent also have Oracle source since I don't
>work directly with those vendors. But I can tell you that the
>engineering staffs at Oracle and Sun strongly favored the source code
>exchange. It just made our jobs a whole lot easier to do.

I have worked with the DG folks and they have had access to the Oracle source in the past for benchmarking purposes. I suspect lots of equipment vendors have at one time or another had some Oracle source.

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