Re: ORACLEware/Novell Problems Still

From: Robert Hart <>
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 1994 21:37:19 GMT
Message-ID: <>

>Some of you took me to task for not providing enough info in my original
>"ORACLE running like sludge" so here are more gory details:

>1. Running 192 MG RAM on an IBM
>2. It is an ORACLE Server on its own ring
>3. One user (other than the standard background processes)
>4. Novell block size is 64K, ORACLE block size is 4K
>5. It has 4 GIG disk, and will be running duplexed (duplex is off now)
>6. We are using "out of the box" INIT.ORA parameters for a medium-sized
>7. Using the "out of the box" INIT.ORA parameters for a large-sized
>database crashes the system...especially if trying to create a datafile >60MG

I don't understand why you are getting this problem with large-sized database. I am running on a Compaq Proliant with 64meg Memory and a seven gig raid array and am not having this problem. ( I've created datafiles larger then 60MG for some static tables I have).

  • Is there some other resource hog on the server? **

another potential problem is that on MCA IBM machines the PS2SCSI driver is buggy. It was only fixed recently to my knowledge. Try the update available from Novell. It caused us a lot of grief in that it occasionally will max the server (3.11) to 100% and lock it up. It also had problems being loaded re-entrantly?

I think your going to have to get past whatever is stopping you from going to large size in the init.ora file. Any tuning you due to the database structure is not going to help give you the performance you need. You've got to give it more resources. And with 192 meg ram you should have loads of resources available.

Tuning may help a little but not enough.

>8. Old errata: V7.0.15 RDBMS with V3.12 Novell
>9. The best I can get: loading 6 records/second; I must have 10

>Any ideas????? Thanx.

>Dagmar Anne Bogan

>Kopania & Komorovski
>Richardson, TX 75081

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