Future of Oracle CASE

From: Jeff Jacobs <jmjacobs_at_ix.netcom.com>
Date: 12 Oct 1994 02:21:47 GMT
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Oracle made clear the future of Oracle CASE at IOUW '94...

  1. The next "generation" of CASE, which we'll once again call CASE2, will *only* be implemented on Windows. This was demo'ed at IOUW. It is a a native Windows applications, with multiple diagrammers. It does not use Forms technology at all. For non-diagrammer input, there is an "outliner" and property sheets.

A C++ generator was also "announced"; this will not generate an executable, but will generate appropriate classes and methods for accessing Oracle.

Rumors about other generators were not confirmed.

Oracle hopes to start a beta program in December, targeting production in Q1 of '95.

The underlying architecture for CASE2 will not change much.

2. CASE 5.1.8 will be the "last" version of CASE on non-Window platforms; this includes UNIX. 5.1.8 will be supported/maintained for at least 1 year following release.

Latest word for 5.1.8 production is "Novemberish". 5.1.8 will include the Meta-model and Analysis API. (Latest word is that VMS is now "January").

3. Oracle is also seriously considering/planning putting all documentation for CASE2 on-line, using Microsoft Help. There would be a 100 page "getting started" manual, but no other printed documentation; if you want printed doc, you'll have to do it yourself. (This is *not* the same as the documentation on CD-ROM planned for other products).

This is obviously highly controversial and is not a "done deal"; if you have feedback/comments, please give them to me and I will forward them to the appropriate people.


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