HELP: Oracle problem in HP workstation

From: P. Mantecon <>
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 1994 15:09:08 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Hi everybody!!

I am new in this group, so if I make any mistakes, please forgive me.

I would like to describe you a problem we have with Oracle version We are running Oracle in a HP workstation. Recently, we have installed a new disk, because the old one wasn't enough for the amount of data we manage.

We have put one disk for the data, and the other one for the indexes. But the problem arose when we passed from a 200000 rows-table to a 400000 rows-table.

Now, when we run a sentence like:

        select count (*) from table1;
it takes 5 minutes to do it, while when we have the same table with only 200000
entrys it takes 3-4 seconds.

The problem is that the time should have a linear growing with respect the number of rows, shouldn't it?.

We have changed all the Oracle parametres would allow to improve the perfomance, but nothing happens.

any sugestion?


Patricia Mantecon Received on Tue Oct 11 1994 - 16:09:08 CET

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