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Date: 10 Oct 94 17:14:37 +1000
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Has anyone out there had success connecting to an Oracle7 database using Paradox for Windows v5.0, SQL Link 2.0, and Oracle SQL*Net TCP/IP for Windows from a PC 486 workstation.

My Configuration is as follows:

	Windows for Workgroups V3.11
	Microsoft TCP/IP-32 "Wolverine"
	Oracle SQL*Net TCP/IP for Windows
	SQL Link 2.0
	Paradox for Windows v5.0
	DEC 486dx66 16MB RAM

I have been able to establish sessions to the database using SQL*Plus, Forms4 etc. so there doesn't seem to be anything problems with the Oracle products.

SQL Link was installed for a Windows SQL*Net configuration, hence there is no need for the DOS environment variable "CONFIG" to be set. This should work with the WIN.INI parameter ORA_CONFIG which points to ORACLE.INI

Borland provided me with an early release of SQL Link 2.0, but have not been able to figure out why it doesnt work. I am now wating to receive the production release.          

Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.

I am also interested in anyones experiences using Oracle SQL*Net Asynch from PC to VAX and/or IBM Mainframe Database server.

Thank you

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