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On 4 Oct 94 01:13pm, Joel Garry wrote to ALL:

 JG> Newsgroup:
 JG> Organization: Ross Systems, Inc.


 JG> In article <36ct0p$> dhuet_at_DHUET-PC writes:
>>You simply substitute the filesystem path/filename with the
>>raw device:
>>The trick is to partition your disks correctly for all the files you want.

 JG> The other trick is to remember that there is nothing preventing someone
 JG> from creating another unix filesystem right on top of your Oracle files,
 JG> so be sure you have adequate control over who has the authority to do
 JG> such things.

 JG> Other tidbits that have come out of previous threads:

 JG> Quite a variance in observed performance gains, 5% to 300%. I would

I use raw-devices on a production machine. I don't know anything about performance improvement. I choose to use raw-devices because it's possible to loose a data-file when using fsck. But be sure, it's harder to administrate.


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