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> Hello :
> I am wondering if anybody has solution to this problem :
> We have a real-time application that has to send updates to be inserted
> to database running on a remote server. By the way, the databases we
> have can be ORACLE or SYBASE.
> Now the problem that we are facing is :
> Suppose the database server goes down on its own. It could be shutdown
> or any crash that can cause it to happen.
> Now if our application wants to insert anything to database, we
> get a error message saying that we are not connected to the database
> Now if we try to reconnect to database again (Suppose the database
> is brought back again) , our application still gets error saying that
> we are still not connected to database and assumes that we are already
> logged-in as if it stores its past history

I gather you mean that you can't reconnect to the database even after it has restarted. Oracle does not retain sessions across restarts but it does sometimes retain server processes which just hang around.

Does this problem persist even if the whole server machine is shutdown and restarted rather than just the database coming down and then up?

If not then you may have a problem with your server process. Perhaps the original still exists and you can't start a new one while it's there. A restart of the machine would kill it automatically and you won't have the problem. Look at whether your server Account can have more than one process active concurrently.

In the VMS environment we set the name of each server process equal to its PID and the database name its serving so that when we shut and start databases we can kill these processes. It's a problem we've noticed here that some server processes remain after a client/server connection is broken badly so we devised this way of cleaning up.

Hope that's of some help.


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