Re: Pop-Up editor in Forms3.0

From: Steve Corbett <>
Date: 24 Dec 1993 21:51:39 -0600
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Eric Chu (ericc_at_ucsee.EECS.Berkeley.EDU) wrote:

: Hi, I was wondering if anyone who is familiar with the pop-up text editor
: in SQL Forms 3.0 could help enlighten me on a couple of things. I am
: thinking about using a base table to store user entered documents in a
: long data type. But I need to give the user some editing capabilities in
: addition to just entering the data. So the question is how feasable would
: it be to use the built in pop-up text editor to do this?

yes, i've been doing this. but remember you can only have one LONG column in a table. i'm using it more for comment type data though that does not get excessively long. There is a field length limit also, 9999 from memory?

: Specifically:
: Can long lines be typed without formatting problems? I think right now the
: text just wraps, but then is it possible to tell whether there is an actual
: linefeed or if it's the editor wrapping the text?

if i remember correctly it wraps according to the box size it pops up, so the the 'line feed' is dynamic.

: Is it possible to import the field from an external file?

there are problems here and there with LONG. from memory you can do the above? but you can't use INSERT...values..; Can't query on them;

: What are the text editor capabilities (cut, paste, etc.) of this editor?

yep, you can use cut/paste as in standard runform.

hope this helps, sorry if a bit vague, been a while since i had problems in this area.

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