SQLForms 3.0 ON-CLEAR-BLOCK Problem.

From: Hans Kristian Ruud <hkr_at_ifi.uio.no>
Date: 23 Dec 1993 16:46:03 +0100
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I am working with Oracle 7.0.13 on a IBM RS6000. I am trying to implement an application for inserting & retrieveing the hours that an employee spends on various activities in the course of one week. One feature that I would like incorporated in the application is a running total of the number of workhours for the employee each day of the week; something like this:

    Init: HKR Name: Hans Kristian Ruud Week: 51 Year:1993

Project Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Admin	     2     3           4
Develop      5           7       
Maint              5                8

Total  	     7     8     7     4    8      0     0

The application is built around two blocks, MAN_WEEK and WORK_HOURS, with a master-detail relationship (MAN_WEEK being the master).

There is a similar example on page 5.9 in the manual "Advanced SQL*Forms Techniques", this is of limited use however.

In order to reset the totals for each day to 0 as I move between records in MAN_WEEK (as from week 51 to week 52), I have created an ON-CLEAR-BLOCK trigger for the WORK_HOURS block. This trigger contains only the assignment of 0 to the fields in question.

However, when I try to perform a query on the master block (ie the MAN_WEEK block), I get the error message:

FRM-40202: Field must be entered.

If I remove the trigger, the query is performed OK. I

So I have two questions:

  1. Why does the presence of the trigger affect the query in this way ?
  2. What should I do to solve my original problem?

Any ideas/suggestions would be welcome.

Marry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, everyone ;)

Hans Kristian

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