Re: Client/Server Security

From: Jason Yi <jason_at_woody.uucp>
Date: 23 Dec 1993 19:26:45 GMT
Message-ID: <2fcrdl$>

In article <> (Karen Payten) writes:
>Hi there everyone,
>This has probably been asked in the past, so please take it easy with me.
>We are looking at using PC and Mac clients to access a number of Oracle V6/V7
>databases on DEC Ultrix servers. Because the data is confidential (it has
>payroll, student, exams and such), security must be tightly controlled.
>I would like some information from anyone who is using client/server
>architecture on how they dealt with security. One option given to me
>was to allocate two usernames to each user - one to access the databases
>directly, which has all required table grants; the other to be used for
>access from a client, and has only SELECT access. The first username can
>be OPS$, while the second is not, and apparently SQL*Net can be configured
>to disallow OPS$ logins.
>Does anyone have any comments on this sort of solution, and can you offer
>any other ideas or possibilities.
>Many thanks. Could you email me direct, I don't get to look at this group
>very regularly. If any one else is interested, I'll post a summary of
>the responses later.
>Karen Payten
>Database Administrator
>Computing and Communications Services
>University of New England, Armidale.
>Email: Phone: +61 67 733549

How about utilizing "roles" in V7. You can create different roles such as "students" for them to have limited access to table(s), view(s), or other role(s). Received on Thu Dec 23 1993 - 20:26:45 CET

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