Re:Forms 3.0 problem

From: Baby Mars All Alone In HK <>
Date: 21 Dec 1993 11:50:39 GMT
Message-ID: <2f6nuf$>

hi !

I want to thank everyone who sent me advice/suggestions on solving my problem.

For those who missed my earlier posting, my problem was that I could not get a block defined on Page 3 to show even though I did specified NOT TO REMOVE ON EXIT. Here's my solution:
Say I have a detail block (MY_BLOCK) defined on Page 3 with no updateable fields defined on it. To display that block whenever a certain action is done in the master block, just define the appropriate trigger for that action and do the following:

GO_BLOCK('MASTER_BLOCK'); My original problem was becos I did not specify the SHOW_PAGE after leaving that block. Thus, upon leaving that detail block, it remains hidden behind my page 1. A SHOW PAGE causes that page to be the uppermost page thus ensuring that that page remains displayed even after leaving it.

Simple solution but caused a lot of heachaches for me !!! :)

Now... another question...
If I called trigger B from trigger A, how can I cause trigger A to fail if trigger B has failed ? It seems that trigger A still proceeds even if I specified FORM_FATAL or TRIGGER_FAILURE.

Anyone has any suggestions ?

Thanxs for any help ... Received on Tue Dec 21 1993 - 12:50:39 CET

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