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Date: 20 Dec 93 18:56:16 EST
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In article <>, (Loretta Davis, Prentice Centre, Uni of Queensland) writes:
> Sorry if this is against netiquette to post asking for help - but if some kind
> sould is willing to take a couple of minutes to answer some questions - I'd
> greatly appreciate it.
> I'm trying to set up some macs to run in a client-server congig - the machines
> are mac centris 600 and 650 running system 7. We are trying to serve from a
> sparc 4/470 running sunos 4.1.1.
> Our version of oracle on the server is 7.0.12 - we have sqlnet version 2 and or
> macs are running v2 oracle.
> Basically what I'm after is a list of what files should be located where for
> this to work. After several frustrating hours of reading bits and pieces in
> about 7 different manuals - unfortunately I'm none the wiser. I can happily
> work with the mac version or the server version of oracle - I just can't get
> them to talk to each other!!
> Does anyone have a cheat's guide on how to do this? Any advice or pointers
> would be greatly appreciated.
> Cheers,
> Loretta... (trying to play oracle dba without much experience)

It's definitely not against the rules. This is exactly what these newsgroups are for.

I'll describe what we have set up, and maybe it will help you.

I haven't been brave enough to start using SQL*Net V2 yet, but everything should be the same.

You don't say what protocol you are using. I'll assume TCP/IP. If you use something different, the specifics will change.

On the Mac:

On the Sun:

This is rather brief, and I may have left some stuff out, but I hope it helps.

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