Re: Why doesn't GRANT RESOURCE quota qork ?

From: Richard D Holowczak <>
Date: 14 Dec 93 19:01:38 GMT
Message-ID: <> (Yves Noel) writes:

>In article <>, (Richard D Holowczak) writes:
>|>Hi folks. I'm trying to limit the resources
>|>my users take up by using the GRANT command.
>|>The synatx looks like:
>|>GRANT RESOURCE 5 M ON table_space TO user_name ;
>|>Why won't this work ?
>|>Oracle gives me an error pointing to the '5'
>|>saying: 'Missing TO keyword'.
>|>Any suggestions ?
>My suggestion is that there's NO SPACE between 5 and M --> 5M

   OK OK OK! I got it now. Thanks to about 1000 responses!

   For Oracle 7, use ALTER USER.

   For Oracle 6, the syntax for the on-line help is    not correct. The proper syntax should be :

        GRANT RESOURCE (5M) ON tablespace TO username ;

    Seems the on-line help omitted the parenthases around     the quota of 5 megabytes in this case.

     The space/no-space thing is irrelavent.

Many thanks to all who responded.

Rich Holowczak
Rutgers University Received on Tue Dec 14 1993 - 20:01:38 CET

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