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Date: 13 Dec 93 08:43:28 EST
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CDE Toolkit Users,

Somewhere along the line, I have confused my IBM PC compatible so that it won't run the CDE tools anymore. I am running against a local DOS database. I had SuperStor Pro installed, because I needed extra disk space. I thought it was causing install problems and it was. So I removed it and cleared everything from my machine. I reinstalled MSDOS 5.0 and WINDOWS 3.1.

Now I can install everything, but all the time I get a message that says I don't have enough memory to run even the installer. And I'm told to close one or more Windows applications. I don't have any other applications running. I've tried starting NETINIT7.EXE first. I have an ACER ACROS 485SX/25 with 16 MB of memory.

Here's what I'd like. Could you send me a copy of your CONFIG.SYS, AUTOEXEC.BAT, WIN.INI, ORACLE.INI, CONFIG.ORA (DOS DATABASE ONLY), so I can compare what I'm doing with your setup? Please mail to

I haven't ruled out a hardware/memory problem, but all other programs work just fine. I've used Central Point software's virus checker and come up clean.

I've helped a few others, but now I question my own ability to get this thing running. I haven't had any of the production stuff running, yet. I had the beta stuff running and now it won't start, either. The DOS database works just fine.

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