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From: Joel Fedorko <>
Date: 13 Dec 1993 20:46:53 GMT
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In article <2eigo2$>, (Gary Eckhardt, Bldg 613, Rm Dev, X2826) writes:
|> > Liang Lin ( wrote:
|> > : Hi everyone,

|> > : Does it take a minute to connect to Oracle servers thru SQL*Net?
|> > : I am writing a phone book type application using an Oracle personnel
|> > : database. The connecting time is too long for such a small application.

|> > : Thanks for any ideas.
|> Liang:
|> If you're connecting to a server via SQL*Net, you might want to check and see
|> exactly what's being run based on your instance. I know that in VMS, you can
|> specify a startup file that the process runs when it does it's physical
|> login to the system. Trimming this file down to just the bare minimum
|> (SQL*Plus logicals, etc) can greatly improve your connect time.
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Same here... we added a check for network login to eliminate all the unnecessary stuff from the, it greatly improved startup time.


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