Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1993 17:22:18 GMT
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    I would like to get more knowledge in databases. I am just in college, but     I know little. I am a business and economics major, and I want to start     learning some business applications.

    Can anyone please tell me about some databases ?     What is good to learn, dBase 4 (Ashton-Tate or Borland ?),     FoxPro, Paradox, etc... ???

    I know ORACLE is great, but I have no access to such an expansive     application or even demo...but is Paradox better than dBase IV, or is     FoxPro better, or what can give me a general overview of databases ???

    Also, how about spreadsheets ? Is Lotus the same or better than Excel ?

        Please email me, don't post, because it may take a while to find
        a reply on this base...I would appreciate a direct email reply.
            Thanks in advance.

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