Re: Is it true FAT is better than HPFS (Oracle OS/2)

From: <>
Date: 13 Dec 93 16:17:25 GMT
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<> wrote:

> I believe this is true, although I have not done any performance benchmark
> on Oracle. I used to work a lot with SQL Server on OS/2 and Microsoft had
> actually done benchmark test on this. All the result seem to indicate that
> HPFS does not increase database server performance. I think this is because
> Oracle and SQL Server preallocate database files. The FAT causes a lot of
> overhead when dealing with files that are dynamicallyt extended. It is also
> possible that the database server by pass the file systems to some degree.

I would like to use the OS/2 Oracle server as an NFS file server - this requires that use HPFS (to properly handle upper-lower case problems). I'm wondering how much performance will suffer if I use HPFS.

Maybe I'll try my own benchmarks and post the results.

Thanks for your input.

Hector Pujol
L. A. Dept of Water and Power Received on Mon Dec 13 1993 - 17:17:25 CET

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