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From: Dagmar A. Bogan <>
Date: 13 Dec 1993 13:03:25 GMT
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I have successfully used ORACLE CASE to develop large, complex systems. Howevermy first project was extremely simple, and would have been easier to have completed with pencil and paper, but was a no-pressure situation to learn to use CASE. You need to begin with a small project to learn the tool and what it will and will not do. I was able to extend ORACLE CASE to use it for a new Information Strategic Planning methodology, and it worked very well.

I suggest you get a copy of:

_Rapid Development With ORACLE CASE A Workshop Approach_ by Addison Wesley; this book outlines a 10-day workshop for learning ORACLE CASE, but a single person could work through the examples much faster than 10 days. The book is to the point (only 129 pages), and provides an excellent starting point (IMO).

There are only two problems I have encountered using CASE:

  1. Management tends to get into "analysis paralysis"; because you can redo the ERDs relatively easily, often managers will want to redo or change the models, and you become bogged down "chewing the cud" and thrashing pictures back and forth. If you capture 80% of the data and relationships, you've done good... move on....
  2. Users tend to become very enamoured of pictures and do not read the text. You can change the text in the models, users will not notice, but if you change the picture, THAT they will notice and get excited about. You need to educate not only your programmers, but your managers and users, so everyone understands what they are seeing, and what the pictures do and do not represent.

Remember, the tool only as good as the craftsman using it....


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