Re: A script to reorganize a tablespace !!!

From: Tony Jambu <>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1993 23:50:37 GMT
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In article <2e4mr6$>, (Yves Noel) writes:

> So, I'm writing a script (which combined UNIX commands and SQL) to reorganize
> these tablespaces.
> Well, I think I'm reinventing the wheel and perhaps I'm forgeting something ?
> So, somebody has certainly write this sort of script !

This is may not be of much help to you but there is such a utility around (Commercial of couse).

What the product does is to defragment a TABLE. YES a table, not tablespace free space. I am not too sure if they will work against a tablespace but I dont see why not.

I guess I am useless to you as I cant remember this company's name but if it is of any help, they were at the IOUW93 in Orlando. Someone out ther might remember. If so please post a reply to this Newsgroup.

Want to hear a rumour? Guess which company is talking to this company about buying their utility!


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