Re: Retrieving Row Count

From: Steven P. Muench <>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1993 01:59:59 GMT
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SUSAN -- There are two basic methods:

(1) Force Forms to query all the records in the block

                by visiting the LAST_RECORD of a block in which you've
                kicked off a query, when at the last record, get the
                value of the :System.Cursor_Record in a variable. That
                will represent the total number of records
                materialized by the query.

(2) Execute a COUNT_QUERY packaged procedure, trap the
informational message with an ON-MESSAGE trigger, and from the message like 'Query will return 37 record(s)', strip out the number and store it in a variable. Worldwide Support bulletin 100676.081, which any currently supported Oracle customer can download or request by phone from the Support line, explains how to do (2) above.

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