Which features are available from PRO*C

From: Martin Jensen <mj_at_dde.dk>
Date: 10 Dec 93 09:00:23 GMT
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Running Oracle

Assume we have a PRO*C application, and we want to have the same executable working on Oracle 6, Oracle7 with or without any of the three options.

How is it possible to 'see' which features are available from the Oracle server, in order to make the application utillize the propor features?

We might f.ex. see if the 'all_errors' view does exist to verify if we are running against oracle 6 or 7, but how about the options?

The v$version view is not of much help since not all accounts will have access to this view - and it does not inform you about the options.

Did any of you folks figured out what the meaning of the init.ora parameters 'compatible' and 'compatible_no_recovery' are?

By the way I found that selecting 'current' from v_$archive, or 'online' from v_$recover, or size from v_$type_size raise parse errors, probably because they are reserved words - so please aviod such names in the definitions dear Oracle RDBMS developers.

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