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Re: xsqlforms30 - why are leftmost pixels truncated in each field

From: <>
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1992 16:27:08 GMT
Message-ID: <>

In article <>, (Mike Anthis) writes:
>Hello, please forgive me if there is a FAQ entry for this.
>I am using xsqlforms30 to design forms, on a sun4 system,
>using openwin3.0 and oracle version 6.xxxx. I am redirecting
>my display from a server where I run xsqlforms to my SS1 workstation.
>I am having trouble with the leftmost character of each field,
>and with the thin cursor. It seems that the box that is drawn
>around the field, plus a pixel or two of border around the box's
>lines, overwrites the left edge of the first character displayed
>in the field. Also, the cursor is not visible when it is on
>the first character, since it is just a thin line that appears
>to the left of the character it is on.
>This occurs both in the forms designer and in the executing form.
>Can I fix this so that the cursor and the first character in
>each field are not partially hidden?
>Thanks for your help. Email to me and I will summarize.
>Mike Anthis
I am having a similar problem with the Motif version on a DECstation 5000/25. Perhaps this has already been answered, I am late reading these postings, and will see a reply later. However, on the DECstations, the fonts are not positioned properly in the boxes and the lower third to half of the field data is cropped by the lower edge of the box. I have tried varying fonts with Orakit modifier file, but no success as yet.

Also, only one field of a record gets displayed. Generally, when one hits Enter Query, all available fields of a record get displayed; in a spread table of many rows, all get filled in. However, the Motif version does not so and only as one tabs to individual fields are they displayed. Running the character-mode of forms3.0 (vt100) works fine. Any suggestions??

Thanks kindly for any suggestions.

Marvin Beck Iowa State University Received on Tue Nov 24 1992 - 10:27:08 CST

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