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Re: HELP! - Corrupted EXPort file

From: Michael Wang <>
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1992 20:13:34 GMT
Message-ID: <>

In article <> (Bruce MacDonald) writes:
>I have just run into a problem that Oracle support has been unable to help
>me resolve:
>An export file was created using RDBMS 5.1.22, and subsequently copied
>to tape. Now when we try to import the file, we get a "Required
>character set conversion not supported" immediately after specifying the
>I tried importing into a V. 6 database with the same result (IMP-00016 is
>the error message).
>The system is VAX/VMS 5.4-3. The structure of the dump file is fixed format,
>4096 byte records which is as it should be.
>Needless to say, we would REALLY like to get this data back. Any suggestions
>would be greatly appreciated!

Well, it has been a while, but if I recall correctly, this message will come up if the "end of record" marker gets corrupted or sometimes if there is a version number mismatch (very rare). The end of record marker is a 0D, I believe, and sometimes what happens is that it gets converted to something else during the transfer process. Typically this happens when you transfer the export file to another platform and don't specify a binary file transfer. I'm not sure what tools there are under VMS for viewing the hex contents of a file, but what you should do is create a new export file and take a look at it. If your viewer can display hex and the ASCII equivalent side by side, you should be able to tell very quickly what the end of record marker should be. Then view the corrupted file and see if it is different. If so, then you are going to have to convert them back somehow.

Michael Wang
Received on Mon Nov 09 1992 - 14:13:34 CST

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