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Re: Need help with Forms 2.3

From: Andy Finkenstadt <>
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1992 17:04:26 GMT
Message-ID: <>

You will probably want to do something similar to the following:

Create a multi-record BLOCK1 whose base table is reflected onto TABLE1. As a POST-QUERY trigger on BLOCK1 issue a SELECT col2,col3 FROM TABLE2,TABLE3 WHERE {join table2 table3 conditions} AND {join table 1 in :BLOCK1.COL1 to TABLE2 or TABLE3}, with the NOFAIL {return success on failure, don't stop} trigger option set. Now - as KEY-STARTUP at form level put #exemacro entqry; (or exeqry)

This will populate each row of BLOCK1 on the screen, and the POST-QUERY will select the corresponding data from TABLE2 and TABLE3.


sstasuke_at_ncrsoph.Sophia.NCR.COM (Steve Stasukewicz) writes:
>I'm using Forms 2.3 with Oracle V6 and have the following problem:
>I'm trying to create a multi-row block that contains 3 columns of data.
>Each column on the form comes from a different table in the database.
>I have the block defined to have 10 rows. If the query retrieves more than
>10 rows I would like to be able to scroll downwards when I reach the last
>row on the screen. My first problem is how to populate the block.
>Currently I have something like this that doesn't work at all.
>select table1.field1, table2.field2, table3.field3
>into block1.f1, block1.f2, block1.f3
>from table1, table2, table3
>where ( join condition to join 3 tables )
>This will retrieve a single row and put it into the correct fields on the
>form, but it will not populate rows 2 thru 9 in the block. ( I know there
>is more than 1 record that meets the criteria.) What am I doing wrong?
>If it's not already obvious, I'm new to Forms. Please HELP!
>Thanks in advance.
>NCR Europe Group ISS/ECS
>Espaces De Sophia
>25 Route de Lucioles Tel. (33)
>06560 Valbonne FRANCE Fax. (33)

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Received on Fri Nov 06 1992 - 11:04:26 CST

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