SQLForms30 - generating sequence number

From: Praveen K. Mereddy <mereddy_at_thumper.tmc.edu>
Date: 6 Nov 92 07:24:49 GMT
Message-ID: <1992Nov6.072449.10345_at_ra.msstate.edu>

Hi, I am working on sqlforms30. I have some proble in generating a default sequence number. I am not able to generate numbers in sequence, though i could generate unique numbers.

I have following code in my sqlplus shema CREATE SEQUENCE ITEMID
NOCACHE; and I have given following code for the field as default value in field definition form


note: here field name is the name of the field for which I am generating sequence number

This sequence number generating some times only EVEN numbers in sequence or ODD numbers.

Is it better to write a trigger instead of selecting value.

Conveying my THANKS in advance,


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