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From: Andy Finkenstadt <>
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1992 17:32:51 GMT
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Views do not occupy database blocks and therefore do not occupy extents or segments. The resulting R-table (SELECTed rows and internal queries) can occupy TEMPorary space in the database.

Temporary tablespace is allocated on a USER level, not a VIEW level. You can change a user's temporary tablespace as thus:


     3> DEFAULT TABLESPACE largeone
     4> /

   User altered.    

   SQL> I do not recall if the user has to initiate a new connection for the new settings to take place. I am inclined to GUESS yes. So, just have them log out and back in.

If you know that you will be executing a LONG running query that requires a good deal of ROLLBACK space in addition to TEMP space (I don't remember the conditions under which temp doesn't use up rollback entries), you can have a LARGE rollback segment in a ROLL tablespace (hint hint) and then use this in version of Oracle beyond 6.0.33 (pretty sure that's 33)

   SQL> commit;  /* end transaction which may have been in process */
   SQL> select * from large_view ;
   SQL> commit;  /* release rollback */

Hope that helps.


un_at_gdstech.GRUMMAN.COM (Un Fu) writes:
>How can I get the block usage of a view I created? Looked
>into "user_extents" and it only displays block usages of tables.
>Also how do I direct the creation of a view or several views to use
>a temporary, TEMP_TS, tablespace. I see one can specify which
>tablespace to create a table at, but not on the 'CREATE VIEW' command.
>I have been asking lots of question lately and this newsgroup has been
>tremendously responsive. THANK YOU ALL, FOLKS!

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