Re: Running sqlforms30 in the openlook environment

From: George Oliver <oliver_at_delphi>
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1992 17:26:04 GMT
Message-ID: <>

VINAY GIDWANI (vkg1_at_Ra.MsState.Edu) wrote:
: I am using sqlforms30 on a Sun, using the command sqlforms30 -c sun:sun.
: Apparently I can also run sqlforms30 on the openlook environment and I
: tried the following command
: olsqlforms30 -c sun:sun.
: forms30 did fire up, but the display at the bottom was kind of cut.
: I can access the menu, but when I open a form it is not visible.
: Again, the menu is visible and works fine. When I did a exit from the
: menu it worked fine.
: Is the command I am using correct, or is there a problem with oracle.
: Vinay.
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: Vinay Gidwani
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You don't need the '-c sun:sun' specification. That may be the problem.

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