Re: Oracle, XA, and Encina

From: Kees Verruyt <>
Date: 5 Nov 92 08:14:22 GMT
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Alan Beal writes:
> Has anyone been successful using Oracle with Transarc Encina
> 1.0.1a using the XA interface? Using embedded SQL, we get data
> retrieved on the first Encina transaction and then get invalid
> cursor after that (sqlcode = 1001). Oracle Support will not help
> because it is not a production product. Any ideas?
> Alan Beal


I struggled with this myself -- just compile your Pro*C program with

EXEC ORACLE OPTION (RELEASE_CURSOR=YES); Otherwise the Pro*C cursor cache gets in the way: Even if you CLOSE a cursor, Pro*C tries to keep it open.

It should work fine after that.

Note: Since this is ORACLE7, closing a cursor in the front-end isn't so bad since

      the parsed SQL is kept around in the ORACLE7 server SGA.

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