"Show Keys" Problem in Motif (Summary)

From: Schillinger <rz34_at_rz.uni-karlsruhe.de>
Date: 5 Nov 92 07:38:38 GMT
Message-ID: <1992Nov5.073838.15769_at_rz.uni-karlsruhe.de>

Thanks to those of you who responded to my question. For anyone who missed the original post, the problem was that I changed the default function key mapping (in moraterm.r using oraterm) and, although the new keys worked, when I pressed "Show Keys" the old keys were still listed.
(It should change automatically, as for other resource files, I assume.)

Well, one netter said he'd had the same problem and ORACLE said it was a bug and he THOUGHT he'd gotten a patch for it (he couldn't recall exactly).

Another netter said he'd come across the problem too and had given up as it was just too confusing for the users. (My sentiments exactly.)

So, I called our ORACLE Hotline and was sent a nifty little fax of juicy tidbits called "Guidelines for Usage of Bitmapped SQL*Forms 3.0 and SQL*Menu 5.0". It's written by Henry Ong and Elaine Teoh (dated July 8, '92). I'd LOVE to type the whole thing up and send it to anyone interested, BUT with the speed of my typing, that'd take forever.

Here's the "solution" to my problem though: "Editing the moraterm.r and oloraterm.r file is not supported with the current version of oraterm - which is a character mode product. Until a bitmapped version of oraterm is available, ORACLE does not support editing the moraterm.r and oloraterm.r files. This is clearly documented in the README under $ORACLE_HOME/mprodins and $ORACLE_HOME/olprodins.
(Bug #93002,#110962,#110963)."

(Note: I couldn't find that README file.)

Karen :)
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