ORACLE/RUNFORM/VMS/Captive account weirdness (DISCTLY ignored?)

From: Grahame Plaisted <>
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 92 12:59:16 GMT
Message-ID: <>

I am entering this on behalf of someone who does not currently have USENET access. Anyone ever hear of this?

o Details

   DSSI cluster with a MicroVAX 3400 and VAX 4000.    ORACLE V6.0
   Captive accounts are used (DISCTLY is set)

    At some point the application uses the command #HOST from within     RUNFORM to get into VMS and perform a command procedure and     then return back in RUNFORM.     

    If a user presses CTRL-Y while the application runs the command     #HOST the application breaks and the user is given access to VMS.     

    All user accounts are captive, and tests have been executed consisting of     a VMS command procedure with SPAWN command and it never broke to allow access into VMS.     

    The unusual thing is that when the user enters the MicroVAX 3400 the application does not break to give him access into VMS, it only happens     on the VAX 4000. The user performs exactly the same steps in either system.     

    The question is what does the HOST command do? Does it create a     subprocess into VMS? Why does it gives the user access into VMS since     the DISCTLY flag is set in AUTHORIZE?

    All suggestions welcome.


    Grahame (on behalf of Maria) Received on Fri Oct 09 1992 - 13:59:16 CET

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