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From: Nick J. Pattakos <>
Date: 9 Oct 92 04:20:34 GMT
Message-ID: <nick.718604434_at_base> (Terry Ball) writes:

>We currently have one database on a raw device. In order to make a backup
>of this database, we have a background process start up each evening to
>make an export of the database. It is NOT possible to make a backup of
>the files from the raw device.

>Terry Ball


      It is very possible to do a backup of raw partions in unix.  In
      order to perform a hot backup of oracle tablespaces that are
      in raw partions try the following.

      0.  Make sure your database is in Archive Log Mode
      1.  Place the tablespace in backup mode
	  alter tablespace XXX begin backup;

      2.  you the unix 'dd' command to backup the raw patition to 

	  dd if=rawdevice of=tapefile

      3.  take the tablespace out of backup mode.

	  alter database XXX end backup

      Please Check you the Unix man pages on dd and the oracle
      DBA Guide.  If you have large amounts of data you will find
      this much faster than export.  Remember not to forget to back-
      up your controlfile.  If you are not in archive mode and want 
      a full backup, just shutdown normal the database and dd your
      database files, log files and controlfiles.

      Hope this helps.

      Nick Pattakos 
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