Access to SQL*ReportWriter tables.

From: Darrell Johns <>
Date: 30 Sep 92 18:49:23 GMT
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My system admin. just installed Oracle 6.0 on our SUN SPARCserver and then handed the all the manuals to me and told me I amd the DBA. I have read the chapters in the Database Administrator's Guide partaining to creating accounts and sucessfully created accounts. Now a user is wanting to use SQL*ReportWriter and oracle tells them:

    Unable to access the SQL*ReportWriter v1.1 tables. They must     be installed in your account, or you must be granted access to     them before using SQLREP.

The SQL*ReportWriter manual says to see your DBA when this happens. Where should I look for the solution to this problem.

Thank you for any advice or information, Darrell.

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