Re: SQL*ReportWriter ord

From: Jared Hecker <>
Date: 28 Sep 92 22:14:00 GMT
Message-ID: <>

TO: (Andy Finkenstadt) AF> Subject: Re: SQL*ReportWriter order by clause (PLEASE HELP)

AF> 1: "select lname, fname from master order by FNAME"

Andy, the reason this takes so long is that you are using a full table scan. Oracle will only use an index if you are selecting at least the first column. You need a second index here, by fname.

AF> 2: "select lname, fname from master order by lname"

This will work fast under any scenario because you are using the index! - though if the table were small and took < 5 blocks it wouild be faster without one...

AF> 3: but in Reportwriter the same "select" is SLO-O-O-W. AF>

It sounds like Reportwriter may not have enough sort space, and so must do several 'intermediate runs'. Check out your temporary segemnts area.



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