Re: Why Are My SQL*Forms Key Mappings Wrong?

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Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1992 08:08:22 GMT
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In article <>, (scott.d.brenner) writes:
> It's me again! I'm now able to get into SQL*Forms 3.0, but something
> weird is going on with my keyboard mappings.
> I'm playing around with vt100 now. I'm using an AT&T 6386 PC to access
> a 486 UNIX box via the TerraNova communications package running a
> vt100 emulation (or so I think!). My $TERM is set to "vt100". I get
> into Forms by typing "sqlforms30 -c vt100:vt100 user/password".
> There is a discrepancy between the key functions as described in
> the "Oracle for UNIX" manual ('SQL*Forms Runform Keypad Layout for
> VT 100') and the key functions as shown on the "show keys" screen
> (which I get when I hit <ctrl-k>).
> For example, 'count query hits' is "Esc 4" in the manual layout page
> (and /oracle/crt/admin/vt100.sql as well). But the show keys screen
> tells me to hit "PF1 PF3". The PF1 PF3 sequence works, but Esc 4 does
> not.
> Another example: 'redisplay' should be 'Esc R' or 'KP--' according
> to the manual layout. The show keys screens says to hit <ctrl-r>
> though and that's what works.
> I'm having trouble with other keys as well. Actually there aren't
> many keys that work as expected. Some keys don't do anything at all
> or something completely different from what they should.
> I'm waiting for a patch tape for ORACLE*Terminal to arrive. In the
> meantime, I'm trying to change my mappings by altering the (V2.3)
> vt100.sql file. I make the change, then I run the script to load
> the changes into the ESC table. This doesn't seem to be doing much
> though.
> Is there any way to change my mappings for V3.0 Forms without using
> ORACLE*Terminal? If so, can someone very explicity state the procedure?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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There is no way to change mappings without Oracle*Terminal. The ORATERM utility is completely independent of the database. Those SQL scripts are for CRT utility only. However, you are not completely without hope!!!

Take a .SQL file from your CRT directory. Load it into SYSTEM account in the database. Use CRT to generate your .crt file. Now use CRTTORES to convert the .crt file to a .r file. Now, there are a few keys that crt simply didn't have. I haven't checked what they get set to, but it may help.

The manual is describing vt100:oraterm, not vt100:vt100, which is slightly different. The default oraterm.r file should have 4 devices in it, upgrd100, upgrd200, vt100, and vt220. I understand that some OS' have a problem where it will ignore your TERM environment variable and use either the first one it comes to or the one named "default".

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