Re: How Do I Get SQL*Forms To Work On Different Terminals?

From: Andy Finkenstadt <>
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1992 17:18:18 GMT
Message-ID: <> (scott.d.brenner) writes:
>I'm new to SQL*Forms, and I'm having trouble right from the start.
>I'm trying to run it from an AT&T 6386 PC connected to a 486 UNIX
>box. The PC is emulating a 4410 via the TerraNova communications
>package. I've already run 'crt' which I assume uses .../crt/admin/4410.sql
>to create .../crt/admin/4410.crt. However, when I try to invoke
>SQL*Forms with "sqlforms30 -c 4410 user/password" I get this message:
>No such device to application map 4410 in terminal resource file oraterm.r.
>Error initializing IAD application.

CRT is used for Forms 2.3. ORATERM is used for Forms 3.0. Try specifying sqlforms30 -c 4410:4410 user/password - but first make sure your *PATH is set up correctly -

  ORAKITPATH Those usually are set to: $ORACLE_HOME/forms30/admin/resource

>Another question: I just came across some stuff that talked about
>the "F12 model" How do I get this to work?
>My DBA is out today, and I can't find any documentation to help me.

In the files $ORACLE_HOME/*/doc/* are files about things like the UTD or F12 model. :-)

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