Creating a new database (DOS, Oracle, tpo)

From: Mark A. Roth <>
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1992 17:08:34 GMT
Message-ID: <>

I have Oracle version with tpo running on my 386 PC with DOS 5.0. Upon installation I can request that the initial database be created. This works great and I can use this database to my heart's content.

My problem occurs when I try to create a different database in a different location on my hard drive. I created a new init.ora file (init2.ora) with the new database name (csce) and with an entry for where the controlfile should be located, and then I entered sqldba and issued the commands:

SQLDBA> startup nomount pfile=init2.ora
SQLDBA> connect internal
SQLDBA> create database csce
   2> logfile 'c:\ora\log1.ora' size 200 K, logfile 'c:\ora\log2.ora' size 200 K
   3> datafile 'c:\ora\dbs1.ora' size 2 M, 'c:\ora\dbs2.ora' size 2 M    4> noarchivelog;

after crunching for awhile and actually creating the files in c:\ora I get
the following message:

run-time error R6000
- stack overflow

and, naturally, the database does not work and cannot be opened.

Does anyone have a clue as to what my problem is?

Mark Roth
513-255-9263 Received on Tue Sep 22 1992 - 19:08:34 CEST

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